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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  April 17, 2013 3:00pm-3:55pm PDT

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other officers received suspicious mail, system worked. >> i would like to recognize the post men and law enforcement officials for detecting the threat before it reached the capitol. they show the we put in place work. >> arizona reporter's office notified authorities after two envelopes arrived with a suspicious substance looked out. >> these envelopes appear suspicious. if they are. it may turn out there is nothing. but because of the events of the last several days we take it seriously with the resources that we have. >> hazardous mail is undergoing testing. the american postal worker's
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union complained they should have been told about the tainted letrs. they learned about it on the news report. >> bret: we are going to talk about the implication. a lot of people are concerned about personal security and national security. the day after the most devastating terrorist attacks on the u.s., september 12th, 2001. america changed security wise. it had changed forever and it had. the years passed by . largely without incident. until monday in boston when a terrorist struck again either foreign or domestic and not the scale of 9/11 but affecting public consciousness in similar ways. >> it is a wake-up call. every time there is an act like this. americans go toward more
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security and a band aid . then we have tendency and understandable and it is complacent and i think it is it a cautionary lesson here that we can't let our guard down. >> the question is, where is the line? how far are americans willing to go giving up freedoms for increased security. >> i recall i went to the first airplane screening . i am thinking this awful. they are checking me like a criminal and it bothered me. then as a protected me it was accepted norm. >> you think the line shifts? >> i expect to see the type of scutiny and dogings and police presence. >> and on the day after the
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boston bombings. fox news asked if you would be willing to give up the personal freedom. 43 percent said yes. compare to that. the october 11th attacks and 71 percent said yes, they would give up more freedoms and 20 percent said nine percent didn't know and four months before the attacks in may 2001. only 33 percent said they would give them up and twen percent said they didn't know . kentucky republican rand paul, a libitarian expressed concerns about americans moving that line too much in the famous filibuster too much. > are we so afraid of terrorism and terrorist that we throw out
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our rights and freedoms and things that are fought for and we have gotten over the centuries. >> judge napolitano agrees. >> the absence of freedom doesn't always lead to safety. it leads to the impression of safety. people need to be aware of the fact what they give away today they will not get back tomorrow. >> there is real hunger for more student. - security. >> over the years the security complession has changed dramatically. you can see it on capitolil -- capitol hill . the white house and monuments and government buildingings. they are hard targets. you can't do this everywhere. but outside of the hard shell there are millions of soft targets. malls and diners and coffee shop and every day life happens and
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up until now americans haven't had to worry about increased securities, but increasingly they are worried about security and they are turning to technology for answers. >> i think some of the things like european colleagues are doing have a real potential in this country. >> you know civil libitarians have a problem with that and the expansion of it. you think the line is shifting? >> i do. i remind you that civil lib terians have a problem with everything they can find. >> bret: you would find a receptor. >> it is more receptors in the naysayers. americans are growon ups. >> we can improve your security. they haven't brought it to boston and they don't know what the cam ras will show i don't
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think yet. but we can do a lot more with advanced technologies without giving up our freedom and i don't think americans feel they have to give up freedom. >> in the change after the attack and our consciousness after the threat do you think? >> it depends on what the source of the threat seems to be. if it looks like a foreign attack it could have an impact and lookks like a domestic yes, it will have a different affect. >> they are scouring video tape looking for the bomber or bombers and the technology is there stop those bombers as they place the package. >> it is it configured to send an alert when an object is left behind. >> this is chairman of object video in the surveillance. >> technology is available today
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where cameras can detect someone leaving a backpack behind. in the future we'll go from passive technology to proactive technology. >> bret: in israel suicide bombings and backpack bombings are common place. they have bag checks everywhere. they go through mag notometers and use latest technology and use something else. >> there is a great piece of technology no one can rival and that is the human brain. it is it making the switch to be aware of the dangerings was potential terrorist attacks and suspicious objects and acting individual and reporting those objects and individuals to the parties. >> bret: we'll go back live to boston and we could get that f.b.i. news conference any time
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f. -- so if so you will see it here. the gun vote and the president reacted angrily from the rose garden. hoo-hoo.
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>> >> bret: with washington worried about bombs and senate targeted gun control this afternoon. chief correspondent edhenry has the latest with a busy day. >> after the president lost the senate vote this evening, he came out in the rose garden with gabby giffords and newtown families. one father said he is disappointed but not defended. and the president agreed with that. >> all in all, it is a shameful day for washington. this effort is not over. i want to make it american people, we can bring about meaningful change to reduce gun violenca so long the
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american people don't give up on it. >> the president said it is roundd one, though it is a round he lost. after the senate voted down one of president obama legacy items a spectator shouted shame on you as vice-president biden tryied to bring the chamber back to order. >> knowing they were likely to fail biden declared in a google hang out they will prevail eventually. >> a lot of guys and women say i will have to look the nra and gun groupps in the eye. that's true. you also have to look the parents in the eye. >> republican senator rand paul said the president overplayed his hand by using the newtown family. >> it is still saddens me to see
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them . i think that in some cases, the president used them as props and that disas me. >> that drew a sharp rejoinder from jay carner. >> the newtown families are not re because of the president but they are here because their children were murder asking the senate to do something common sense. >> senator joe manchin is the democrat partner with pat toomey. the west virginia pled with republican colleagues and handful of conservative democrats to help him reach the 60 votes. >> i understand the political stakes for my colleagues. i sim thyself and understand it. >> yet the national rifle association blocked the reform with the key line of attack. >> manchin-toomey would not have stopped newtown. people who steal guns don't
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submit to background checks. >> it came down to a word for him. montana. meaning that demdeps in swing states are not on board yet. >> you had five democrats who voted no including senator reid. >> he voted no in the end because that enables him to bring it back up. republicans also noting a republican alternative on this, better background checks was blocked by democrats. >> thank you. >> bret: the dow lost 138 today and s&p 500 was down . nasdaq fell 60. still ahead, new concerns over the bird flu. first, the father of one of the benghazi terror attack victims is answers. - demanding answers. she immediately triaged the situation,
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>> bret: we are seven months removed from the terror attack on the u.s. facility in libbia and also the u.s. soil and precious little information was released on that attack. the new guys say he's going to change that. >> seven months later, we don't know what has happened. >> a new push for answers charles woods father of the navev seal that died with embassy chris stevens and two others in the benghazi attack in 2012. they believe that secretary of state john kerry has the answers and he repeatedly challenged him. >> can you give us a commitment
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for this administration you will be coming up with the honest request of this investigative committee as to who was evacuate how to talk to them so we can get a straightt answer. >> during the hearing kerry expressed surprise that lawmakers don't have the details. >> we'll work with you and i will appoint someone to work with you starting tomorrow mr. chairman, to have a review of anything you don't think you have gotten. >> but kerry's willingness reached a limit. >> can you give assurances to the american people that you will conduct an investigation that will find out so many false statements to america on what happened in benghazi and share your findings with the american people? >> no. i don't think it is necessary. embassy rice apologized for her mistaken comments that were
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based on talking points she was given. >> darrell issa sent letters to top officials, in the state department and cia and protectingit rights of people who have important information about benghazi. >> bret: we'll follow that story, shannon thank you. syrian president said thousands of fighters crossed in his country from jordd jordd. he is warning that it could spread in jordanian territory. chuck haggle said the u.s. will send additional troops to jordan, soon. assad said europe and the u.s. will pay a price for supporting the rebels. pomp and protest in the funeral for margaret thatcher. spectators broke in applause and scattered boos cu.
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security was stepped up. leaders attended . former u.s. secretary of state henly kissinger and george chaltz was on hand. go to our home page to see the full report in london. >> we are continuing the coverage from boston. bill hemmer updates the situation in the bombings as we await the latestt f.b.i. press briefing that could be coming next few hours . the humble back seat. we believe it can be the most valuable real estate on earth. ♪ that's why we designed our newest subaru from the back seat
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>> it is a wild day in boston especially for the journnalist . find out what we knowalt this moment. my colleague bill hemmer is in of the bon -- boston. do we know why the f.b.i. postponed the update? >> it may happen tonight as you mentioned in the top of the broadcast. it was postponed, that was the official gird we got. a number of employees in the courthouse was evacuated and then business was called off. that was the public explanation. as you point out this is something we waited for, for hours trying to verify and
3:26 pm
confirm information or cross check it. it was a great source of information and we hoped to have that now and for the moment it has not happened. maybe it happens tonight. if not tonight perhaps tomorrow. >> do we have the sense of the best clues so far? >> fox news confirmed that authorities are looking at a still image or frame grab as we call it in television. moments before the first explosion went off 2:50 monday afternoon. it is that image they believe is described as a young man, not a suspect. a young man carrying a black duffel bag. there could have been a bomb, perhaps the second bomb in what is believed to be the moment of that particular image. the person is not identified or sent out publicly .
3:27 pm
part of the reason why the f.b.i. press conference was critecal. is it true and can we see it? >> this is the one from lord and taylor department store camera we heard about? >> it would appear that would have been the second explosion. one before the finish line and a second one 50 or 75 yards down the street and that would be the one in question. >> bill, great job out there and tough to get all of the information . those press briefings are our life line. >> thank you. >> bret: democratic senator max bacchaeus said the law is in big trouble. >> small businesses have no idea what to do and what to expect. they don't know what affordability rules are. they don't know and just don't
3:28 pm
know. i can see a huge train wreck and i don't see any results yes . a new mystery tonight over the world flu. a number o people who tested positive in china appeared to have no contact with birds. here in the u.s., experts are holding a collective breath. here is the latest from atlanta. >> the cvc emergency operation center. watching for the new signs that the bird flu is broadly contagious. it has mutations that make it more likely to affect humans. >> this virus has the potential to cause severe pandemics. >> in china, the virus was first identified in late march. 17 people died . that is one in five.
3:29 pm
the you have pneumonia and septic shock and kidney failure. but tests found it is sentencative to tamu flu and caught and treated early patients can recovery. >> we know the drugs will work but a concern because there is still a lot we don't know about the virus. >> the race is on to develop a vaccine . vaccines for similar strains . the need for protection is urgeent . i do have a greater level of concern about the virus than other viruses that we have seen in the past. >> there may have been limited human to human transmission. 40 percent of the patients had no direct contact with poultry. a four year old boy tested positive for the virus and was
3:30 pm
not sick. scientist may have no idea how many people infected. bret? >> bret: a medical assistant who worked with a philadelphia abortion doctor said she gavan thesia and changed dosages. she is charged with the over dose death along with the killings of 7 babies born alive. president obama declined to comment specifically on the case but made a general statement. >> if a individual carrying out an abortion and operating a clinic or doing anything else violating medical ethics or violating the law they should be prosecuted. we'll have another report tomorrow. mass confushion in massachusetts.
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for bringing us together. angie's list -- reviews you can trust. >> we are going back to rick in boston. who is law enforcement looking for. >> bret, we heard many reports that the federal authorities might have identified suspects and made arrests in the explosion of the boston mara thon. i can confirm through federal law enforcement source that photos are being distributed of two men who are considered a person of interest in these case. they have not been identified by name, but authorities are looking for them. they want to talk to these men and they may have been involved in this bombing. but we are not showing you the
3:35 pm
photofor fear of jeopardizing the investigation . law enforcement is circulating photos of two suspects in this case who may have been involved and they are classified as persons of interest and may have been involved in this bombing. we are not showing the photographs and i have seen them and can't share them because of fears of jeopardizing the investigation, bret. >> were they carrying the bags that we heard about through the day? >> i think it is safe to say that yes, both men are in possession or appear to be in possession of black bags that match the description of bags that were believed to have carried the bombs. >> breaking newings, rick, thank you . we'll head back for more and waiting for the f.b.i. press briefing as well with that we'll bring in steve hayes and juan
3:36 pm
williams and charles krauthammer. okay, charles, as we did. news breaking right before the panel, two men, persons of interested in the case and they do have photos and they don't have them in custody. >> well, what rick said is a big event. if they actually have the pictures of two people who are apparently carrying what looks like explosives, those are your terrorist. i mean, it is hard to imagine any other scenario unless they were handed the bags by somebody and carrying it unknowingly which is a remote event. what we are hearing, they really have a point, i suspect if passing around the photos is not enough, they will likely put it on the air so that people, millions of people who might know who this is will be exposed
3:37 pm
to it . that would lead them two actually locate the suspects. i think what is remarkable here is that they have so much video. this is probably the most filmed terror site and most filmed crime possibly in history, but i was interested in the fact that they asked people to give authorities the video that private citizens might have had. i am wondering if it is not needed now. but to have a website where you upload a video of that event and allow a million eye to look at and examine and try to put the puzzle together. >> bret: it is a great point. on twitter and facebook, i have had a lot of messages of people saying look at this . look at this guy over here and a lot of different eyes looking at it . i heard somebody today saying,
3:38 pm
juan, with all of the video they are seeing and the different angles and cell phone and video, it is not a heedle in a hay stack but piles of needles. piles of needles and this is what they are going through. >> right, they want to do it in a orderly fashion and let contribute. they have thousands of tips that have poured in both to the police and f.b.i. sources . so it complicates the effort on the ground and the effort behind the screens where people are look trying to identify and they have to worry about you know, people acting out and just going after somebody they decided or deciding they can help . part of the calculation is that not one or two people are involved but whether or not they are connected to a larger effort. we discussed should the president call it a terrorist or
3:39 pm
not or domestic or foreign event. it looks like it is not a foreign source of the terror. >> bret: we don't know that. >> that is what is talked around. >> bret: a lot of people think that. but we don't know that. >> we don't know definitively. it changes the tone in the tense like the atlanta bombing or oklahoma city are terroristic events and we have to deal with domestic terrorism also. >> bret: what are you hearing, steve? >> the big news is that there are photos of two men and the talk of a lone wolf. there is not a lone wolf if there are two attackers. we know it is at least two people. does that suggest a broader conspiracy. that would be being .
3:40 pm
i am interested that we are not showing the photos and i couldn't tell from what rick said whether that was a decision he made or we are at folks or encourage -fox or law enforcement. i am surprised they are not trying to get the pictures out in part because people who have the cameras whether still photographs or video of the scene and may not have uploaded it. i just took a couple of pictures of my friends might go back and okay, there is a guy in the background of a photoi shot or something like that. i guess i am surprised. >> bret: i don't have the guidance on this and we haven't typed it up and put in the system yet. but i assume we'll wait until the f.b.i. press conference and if they put up the pictures and distribute them then we'll put them out.
3:41 pm
we'll not get ahead. >> certainly good to be cautious. >> bret: after today we rather do that. >> speaking of today. it very interesting not only the post analysis of the media reporting on this, but go back and see what extent did the media confusion reflect the confusion with the law enforcement. we know that is the case to a certain extent. i wonder if there was not more significant confusion with the law enforcement and professional and local and. >> on the uploading. we have the way uniquely to pool intelligence. amateurs looking at these scenes and examining the video, they have against others could produce a result and i think there is no reason and i am not
3:42 pm
sure you wouldn't encourage it and have it out there. >> as i talked to law enforcement people both the f.b.i. and law enforcement had a high level of cooperation. in 9/11 equipment didn't work together and people not talking i haven't heard a peep of that. >> bret: next up. terrorism and new failed efforts at gun control. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness?
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>> if you want to remember the 20 babies and six brave teachers, you should vote for this bill. >> this is not gun control. it is common sense. >> criminals do not submit to
3:46 pm
background checks now and they will not submit to expanded background. ace54 and nayes 46 . the environment is not agreed to. >> a few minutes ago, the minority in the united states senate decided it was not worth it. they blocked common sense gun reforms even while the families looked on from the senate gallery. >> a big loss for president obama and big loss from the fam faps from newtown who traveled to washington to lobby lawmakers and they lost on the big amendment that was agreed to by democrat manchin and republican toomey. republicans that voted yes, toomey and kirk and collins from maine and mccain from arizona. democrats who voted no.
3:47 pm
hicamp from north dakota. prior from arkansas . begas from alaska and baucus and reid. >> at the white house it was technically more bipartisan. even hoe harry reid did vote the way he did. i was struck by the want president's comments just before we went on air when he let loose on with a tirade. now, i don't think it was likely anyway. but the president is not -- and that is the way he attacks today . if you read the president's
3:48 pm
comments simply on the attack of the fellow red state demdements. it is a searing indictment of them and the politics and character and integrity and makes you wonder where the president is going to be and will he be supporting them in the the campaign committee . he basically said they sold out. ? >> bret: he said vote them out. >> yes. >> i think it was a really sad day. it is like a tragedy. we are talking about what happened in boston and terror and deaths of three people and think about what happened in newtown and daily carnage and the u.s. senate can't take action on background checks and overwhelmingly american people say it is a idea and gun owners say yes it is a good thing .
3:49 pm
the power and mon yegun marfers carry the day . so let's look at the record. >> gun owners all mention the nra . expanded gun checks. the nra will work with republicans and democrats and commit to protect our children can prosecuting the violent criminals to the fullest extent of the law. we are grateful for the senators who pursue meaningful fix. >> the nra can put a smile on it what the problem is, the background check is not an infringement on rights and now you come back to the politics and e democrats gave people passes and the expectations from pat toomey, they would be the five republican.
3:50 pm
and the question would be does it have affect on newtown? you have to show how if this was wrong it would not have and it is irrelevant. i wouldn't have might have accounted. i would have gone the way of mccain and toomey on this. it is eal black mail and you have to do it with the children and not if there is no logic in this and that's what is wrong with the demagoguary. >> that's it for the panel. steve hays will be in the helm and stay tuned for a case was mistaken identity. on schedule. .
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trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. with chantix and with the support system it worked for me. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> bret: final shear a follow-up. >> talk about not getting what you paid for. a man in are a argentina. thought he had bought two poodles but found out he
3:54 pm
had bought steroid enhance the ferrets. later in the day the man was shocked when he learned the truth about his adopted children. [ laughter ] pretty brett finally a laugh. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight,that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. "special report" online starts right now. >> >> trace: tonight, the fbi to brief us any time on the boston bombing case. and now we're learning the feds are looking for two men seen in photos near the bomb site. tonight, examining the evidence of the attack here at the boston marathon. >> bill: a woman, wounded in the bombing, looks for her hero. >> one of the things he said to her to calm her down was to show her his own shrapnel wounds from when he was in afghanistan. his name is tyler. that's all we know. tyler. >> bill: now he's found. >> i said my name is tyler. it's going to be okay.
3:55 pm
and letters testing positive for poin.